Saturday, 2 April 2016


Let’s take the fight to them!

Like most of you, I have heard about this impending Demo to close LAP for twenty four hours.
And like most of you, I welcome it.
If you intend to Demo, get Union cover. I have joined the RMT.
Why the RMT? Because they seem to share our sense of urgency.

Street Demos by the UCG have galvanised the Pro20. But unfortunately, apart from that, they have achieved very little success or media coverage.
Sitting silently, listening to the toothless GLA discuss our demise, has not helped our cause either.
We have lobbied en masse and on a daily basis, to no avail.
We have written to and emailed our MPs, with little to no response.
Before the school holidays last year, we were promised by Tom Watson and Unite the
Union that something positive will be happening. Well eight months later the only positives I can see are all on the opposition's scoreboard.

The LTDA have lured us into this mess. I lay this, perilous situation we now find ourselves, firmly at the door of Taxi House.
Anyone who is still a member of that culpable association needs their apathetic heads examined.

Opponents of upping the ante, say that it will be a Public Relations disaster.
Which public is that?
The public who waves his phone at scabs, whilst you roast on a rank?
Or the public who buy your Big Issue, as you stand outside Novikov, watching scabs doing your job, as you wish you did more?

There have been calls to block every bridge from Tower to Wandsworth, and bring
London to a standstill.
Boris has already done this with his CSH Blitzkrieg. Who would notice the difference?
Anyhow why stop
London, when you can stop the World? Let's see the BBC refuse to cover that event.

Yes we will get bad press. At the moment we are getting no press.
Before Dads Defending Daughters turned up on the last Demo, with placards and banners, people would approach us asking why we were there.
Let's face facts, no one knows about our plight.
And moreover, very few care about our plight.
How many of us, not directly connected, gave much attention to the Miners or the Print Workers?
But we do care about the Firemen and the Steelworkers. Why? Because we have empathy, born from a common injustice.

You cannot sit on your hands, hoping everything will turn out rosy, while the Mayfair Mob, Shoreditch Mob, Flash Demo and the LCDC/UCG do all your bidding.
There comes a time when you have to play your part, and become part of the solution and not the problem.
You are either with us or against us. There is no just cause for abstention.

Uber cannot compete with Licensed London Taxis. They are just a plastic Addison Lee.
But they are competing, and driving us out of business, in an extreme form of professional genocide. Uber have achieved this, due to the incestuous personal and professional relationship they have with your Prime Minister, Chancellor and Mayor. Aided by many MPs, on both sides of the House, who place profit before public safety.
Uber are backed by massive corporations who wish to purloin our livelihood.
And still some of you want us to carry on regardless, head in the sand, hoping it will all just go away.

It is time to man up. And stand up to these bullies.
Let's be able to tell our Grandchildren, 'I was there. I fought for my rights. I was part of that Movement.'
Win or lose, I promise you, you will be saying those words with pride.
If we are going down, let's go down in history!

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