Wednesday, 6 April 2016



A few weeks ago, my friend Sean Pier rang the editor of Taxi, the trade magazine, published by the LTDA. To ask him why there was no mention of the Dads Defending Daughters protest, on 9th March.

Sean told the editor how the Dads Defending Daughters demo caught everyone by surprise; including the BBC and police.
Explaining that Dads Defending Daughters are a cross Org group of concerned Taxi drivers. Who felt the safety of Londoners was being undermined by TfL, and condoned by a BBC blackout and corrupt politicians.

Sean told him that Dads Defending Daughters funded all their own banners, placards and leaflets out of their own pockets. And how they all took the risk of getting their collars felt and licenses jeopardised, for a just cause.
He went on to explain that although Dads Defending Daughters count themselves as fathers first and taxi drivers second, they marched as a trade unit.

As we all know, rape and sexual assault by Private Hire and Uber, has gone through the roof.
Assaults have been allowed to flourish, to mute public anger and protect the Board of TfL. To appease Uber lobbyists and culpable MPs who value profit above people.

Taxi's editor apologised, saying he had heard nothing about Dads Defending Daughters. And asked Sean to provide pertinent information and photographs, via email. He finished the call by promising to publish a story in the next edition.

But there was nothing in the next edition of Taxi magazine.
The BBC have a track record for putting celebs and the threat of scandal before the welfare of young people. So their blackout was expected, even though Dads Defending Daughters brought their protest to the very steps of Broadcasting House.
What was not expected, was a blackout by our own trade paper. By the LTDA.

Dads Defending Daughters consists of LTDA members, UCG, LCDC, Unite and RMT members.
Dads Defending Daughters is not an Org. Nor does it want to be.
To a man, every Dads Defending Daughters member of the LTDA has vowed to leave them.
Nor will any member of Dads Defending Daughters pick up another copy of Taxi ever again. They can rot in their stands.

All the LTDA do is spout rhetoric, beguile their members with false promises, and sleep with the enemy.
They have lead this trade by the nose, to exactly where TfL and their Board of Deregulators want them.

How so many pay so much for so little, baffles me.
Deregulate this bunch of shysters. Get rid of Oddy, by getting rid of your membership.

We are fighting TfL.
LTDA are TfL in disguise.

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