Thursday, 14 April 2016



Last night I attended my first RMT meeting.
To say I was impressed is an understatement.
I witnessed correct, democratic procedure and a unique way in which members have a genuine voice.
The passion and fight within that room was unmistakably positive and uplifting.
And most importantly, the RMT have a cohesive plan to win back our Trade from a disruptive and destructive TfL.

At the moment, TfL have mismanaged its way into a situation where there is a thin tissue of difference between Taxis and Private Hire.
If we do not grasp this last chance of fighting back and reversing TfL's abhorrent disregard for the Taxi Trade, we will be doomed to a one tier system where money trumps all.

Why the RMT?
What the hell has any Org or Union, including the RMT, achieved?
Fuck all, is the answer.
So again, why the RMT?
Unlike the LTDA, who are no more than a TfL apologist, the RMT London Taxi Branch did not have enough members.
Now through favourable happenstance, the RMT have an influx of new members who are willing to fight.
Frontline members like the Mayfair Mob, who has actively given the opposition, especially Uber, a bloody nose.
Innovative members who are not scared of getting their collars felt for a just cause, like Dads Defending Daughters.
Members who have been fighting to preserve your ranks in Shoreditch, the West End and City.
Members who regularly turn up on demos, no matter who calls it.
Members who are willing to Flash Demo at a moment’s notice.
Members who galvanised, when Boris tagged us Luddites, and marched ten miles in the pouring rain for a common cause.
Members who are sick to the back teeth of a Government who believes we are an insignificant paper tiger, to be brushed aside for their illegal profiteering.

They are passionate, energetic, and understand our sense of urgency.
The RMT membership wants to be proactive, and not sit on its hands waiting for empty promises.
The RMT, like its new members, will lead from the front.
The more members the RMT has, the bigger their clout.
For the sake of our future, I hope you join the RMT.

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