Friday, 23 June 2017



The Mayor of London claims "London is open."
Open to whom, exactly?

Open to foreign money launderers? Yes.
American tax avoiding conglomerates? Yes.
Heavily sponsored races and corporate events? Yes.
Unregulated, slave-trading, gig economies? Yes.
Machete wielding, scooter gangs? Yes.
*Tobies? Yes.
London residents wishing to live and work in an altruistic environment? No!

The silent Johnson - Sadiq Khan

Is it our fault the politically motivated Mayor is only interested in his appearance?

Is it our fault the Mayor pals up with our disgraced former Chancellor, but undermines the leader of his Party?

Is it our fault the Mayor wants to cut fifty 'counters' in Police Stations?

Is it our fault the former Mayor chose to close ten Fire Stations?

Is it our fault the Mayor is doing nothing to rectify Firefighter numbers?

Is it our fault the Mayor chooses to 'tax' London drivers so hard, only the wealthy are able to use our roads?

Is it our fault TfL doubled the amount of minicabs, clogging our streets?

Is it our fault former bus users realise it is cheaper to jump in a rape wagon?

Is it our fault the EU force London to have more empty buses than we need?

Is it our fault London has become a corporate building site?

Is it our fault the roads are constantly being dug and re-dug up?

Is it our fault the Mayor is more fanatical about the disastrous CSH than Boris?

Is it our fault the Mayor would rather spend £740m on speedy cycle lanes than housing?

Is it our fault businesses find it impossible to trade in a London suffering from angina?

Is it our fault Marylebone and Euston Roads will be closed for a year, due to HS2 work?

Is it our fault the City of London closes bank junction to everyone except buses, cycles, touting pedicabs, tour buses, and private coaches, gridlocking and polluting the surrounding areas, for corporate gain?

Is it our fault the City of London is the offshore tax loophole capital of the world?

Is it our fault Londoners cannot access the capital on weekends, because of lucratively sponsored races?

Is it our fault that luxury private accommodation is replacing social housing?

Is it our fault poorly financed social housing is unfit for human habitation?

Is it our fault young couples cannot afford to buy or rent a home?

Don't blame Londoners.
Blame the ineffectual Mayor.



*Tobies (Toffs On Bikes) are the same as your common or garden Yuppie, but prefers to support razing social housing to the ground, in order to build luxury flats, for Toby to live within easy cycling distance from work.

The average Toby votes Tory or NuLabour. Toby may harp on about "social conscience", but in fact Toby is all in favour of cheap labour and the gig economy.
Toby feigns ignorance, when told of communities being destroyed and moved hundred of miles out of London to other unfit social housing, so Toby no longer has to use TfL's inefficient transport system.

Tobies will lobby their pals in government for more road space, claiming it helps clean up London's air quality and protect cyclists.
But what Toby really wants is an efficient and speedy route to work. Toby wants to zip past everyone else and be in Toby's air conditioned office, sipping an expensive, yet ironically exploitative, café latte, whilst the rest of London sits roasting in a gridlocked, polluted mess that, paradoxically, Toby and his demands exacerbated.

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