Sunday, 18 June 2017



I, like most of my generation of Taxi drivers, am a product of Council housing.
Both my parents worked extremely hard to get by; never late and never a day off.
I grew up on a Council Estate. My daughters were born on the 16th floor of a tower block in Peckham.
So I struggled for years with the world famous Knowledge of London, to get my babies away from the pissed stained lifts, the damp walls, and those politically proactive, but socially errant councillors who ran the area into the ground.

Your Borough Council will tell you they have no money. They are lying.
Councils have loads of money - they just hide it away offshore, so they can claim their full quota from the Government in the new financial year.

This 'accepted' fraud is commonplace.
Britain, via the City of London, is like a Swiss cheese full of tax loopholes.
Great Britain is commonly regarded as the most corrupt country in the world.
Everyone, the Chinese, the Russians, Americans, African nations, the Far and Middle East, all launder their money through Britain's (especially London's) property market.
Property is considered safer than gold.
It is not unusual for a mid tear Chinese businessman to buy five houses in London, and keep them empty, purely for financial expedience.

It seems no one, except the working and middle class, pay the correct tax.
Uber are also blatantly using an immoral legal loophole, just like the rotten Boroughs, to avoid paying tax.
Uber are not on their own though. The list is exasperatingly long; Google, Boots, Amazon, Starbucks, to name but a few household brands.
This Government is well aware of this moral malpractice.
You may ask why our Government refuses to block this loophole, and cash in.
Why would a government, our government, allow Uber, a foreign corporation, who pays no tax, who exploits its workforce like slaves, tread all over regulation and the law of the land, wreck financial havoc with its clients, rape and sexually assault vulnerable customers, due to lax background checks, who exacerbates highway congestion, thus worsening pollution, plays cuckoo with a three hundred and fifty year old trade, and is based abroad, be allowed to continue trading?
The answer is simple. The 'Owners' would not allow our Government to plug it, because it is how 'they' do business.
It is how TfL, Uber's complicit regulator, does business.
It is how Britain does business.

Four disasters have hit the British population in as many months.
Three acts of terrorism, and one act of negligence.
These acts of terrorism were, in my opinion, accommodated by a Conservative Government cutting police numbers.
The act of, in my opinion, criminal neglect, by the Royal Borough Council and its TMO (Tenant Management Organisation), where a fire raged through Grenfell Tower, was assisted by the former Tory Mayor of London, Boris Johnson's decision to cut Fire Stations and crew.
This to me, is proof of a political system where the average member of the public is viewed as no more than a hindrance. An annoyance which must be fobbed off until it is someone else's job to deal with.

The Government, especially under the reign of Cameron & Osborne, has cut all the essential Emergency Services to the bone.
Who suffers from these cuts? The Working class, of course.
These lofty MP's who hamstrung our emergency services, cut disabled benefits, forced the NHS to fail, in order to Privatise it, all in the name of "Austerity"; own more than one home, have private healthcare and private schooling for their children!
To them, the Working Class are expendable.

These same self righteous MP's allow uncontrolled immigration, so they can exploit the new arrivals, and undermine the workforce to drive down wages.
These are the Ministers who wanted to enslave us under TTIP.
The reason I voted Brexit, is because I want autonomy.
The EU called upon Barack Obama, the disgraced Tony Blair, and a bevy of other fat cats and former ministers, to call for TTIP in Europe.
Mega rich CEO's like Richard Branson, who pays no tax in either Britain or the European Union, were crying out for us to Remain in the EU.
All the rich were bending over backwards, to try and cajole the British public to stay, while most of our holier than thou MP's were predicting the world would end without EU backing. All the big banks and finance houses were scaremongering and threatening job loses, like babies throwing their Gucci dummies out of their gold plated, fully suped-up prams.
Is it no wonder I smelled a rat?

For too long the workers of this once great nation have been used and abused by the money men - our 'Owners'.

Since Thatcher, successive governments have patiently chipped away, like Andy Dufresne, at the Trade Unions and workers rights.
Rights men have died for in, various social battles, for a hundred years. These new politicians and their masters want to rip those rights away from us.
Zero hour contracts. How did any respectable Union allow that to happen?
Deregulation. Why would regulations, which protects the life and limbs of workers and the public, be surplus to requirements?
These duplicitous Ministers and Bankers will use the "It's what the consumer wants." old chestnut. We want nothing of the sort!
Watch out for that word 'consumer'. A lot of con men in government and business use it to qualify their argument.
The consumer should never come before public safety or the worker?
When the likes of Sajid Javid says 'consumers', he means his customers, his bung.
Putting the consumer before the good of the workforce or the public, is tantamount to slavery.

The reason people are becoming more outraged by the rich and powerful's attitude to the working class, is twofold.
Firstly, people are more educated and informed. This is why David Cameron wants to stop the Freedom of Information Act.
Secondly, our anger at the arrogance of the Philip Green's and George Osborne's of this country, who cannot be arsed to hide their contempt for the Middle and Working Classes anymore.
They are literally thumbing their noses, dropping their strides and mooning us, as they sail off with our money!

Take the Heygate Estate, at the Elephant & Castle, for instance.
The way the 'Owners' decimated a whole community. Shipping them off to all points of the compass, to far off housing estates that are worse than the slum clearance they had been evicted from.
And why? In order to build luxury flats, for foreign investors to launder their ill gotten gains.
If ever you needed proof of the intentions of the 'Owners'; Heygate is a prime example.
They view the working class as no more than an irritant.

The horror of Grenfell Tower showed a shocked nation where this Government's priorities lie.
The Mayor is spending hundreds of millions of pounds on vanity projects, so he, like his oafish predecessor, can 'look good', rather than 'do good'.
The Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Stuart Cundy, stood in front of victims' relatives and the world media, and lied about the death toll.
Firemen at the scene are saying the toll is over a hundred, possibly one hundred and sixty.
Maybe Commissioner Cundy will have the chance to tell the truth on oath, one day.
Here is a good rule of thumb, be it police or fire brigade; if they have pips on their shoulder, they are telling you what the Government wants you to hear.
If you want the truth, ask a proper police officer or firefighter.

Great Britain, the land where politicians are deaf and the media blind.
Where education is spoon-fed and patients die alone on trolleys.
Where a shiver of sharks view their cut as a gratuity.

There is not a begrudging bone in my body.
This is not about envy. This is about corporate violation.
Keep your fancy handshakes and your poncey clubs.
I want my country to be governed by honest men and women, not potbellied pigs.

This institutionalised deceit has to stop!
Being told we are all in the same boat, by deceitful politicians, as they sail off in their Banker friends' luxury yacht, is no longer acceptable.
The people of Great Britain will no longer stand for it.
Remember this; there are a thousand times more of us than you.
It is our children who serve in this country's military. So do not expect them to protect you.

You will change. The question is, will you change voluntarily?


  1. I agree with every word but am fed up reading articles like this. This injustice will never end whilst working class people seem to think its their duty to vote Tory!

  2. Unfortunately, we have more Alf Garnet's in Britain than you can swing a picture of Maggie at.

  3. That is well said, but people need to take action, there is far to much corruption for to long being ignored