Sunday, 16 July 2017



Transport for London behaves just like the Mafia.
They have the Mayor and police in their pocket, just like the Cosa Nostra.
They refuse to answer questions, refuse to produce legitimate FOI requests, cancel trade meetings, revoke driver licenses without just cause, falsify statistics and manipulate consultations to bulldoze their madcap and ill-conceived ideas past a chorus of public objections.
They even refuse to acknowledge or produce legal documents, when requested to do so by the Court.
And like the Mafia, TfL send their goons out to harass hard working men and women, when they feel there is unrest among the natives.

TfL has driven London onto its knees and into chaos.
Uber is allowed by TfL’s ineptitude, to become an unenforceable law unto itself.
TfL supply a handful of Compliance Officers, who have no real powers, except to muscle their way around Taxi ranks, forcing drivers to get rid of innocuous stickers, and lanyards which may be an unspecified, but nevertheless offensive, length.
There is unprecedented drug trafficking, prostitution, rape, gun running, sexual assault, physical assault, threats of retribution against passengers, and acts of terrorism, by TfL partners Uber.
And what do TfL's painfully understaffed CO's do to counteract it? They congregate in groups chatting on street corners, and sometimes harass Taxi drivers on ranks.

The ratio of CO's to Private Hire is so ineffective; it is not dissimilar to appointing ten rookie police officers to oversee a West Ham vs Millwall FA Cup Semi Final.
TfL take £13,300,000 per year off of Uber drivers and legit PH.
Therefore there is no excuse for TfL's shortfall of the CO’s required to make an impact on rogue minicabs and dangerous predators.
TfL suffer from the same 'Grenfell Tower Syndrome' of gambling with our lives, that the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea is guilty of.

TfL have devastated and destroyed London's arteries.
Look at Broad Sanctuary or Bayswater Road as prime examples of their incompetence.
An unbelievably fantastic average of sixty eight TfL Bus crashes everyday in London, is another of TfL’s achievements.
And let us not start on the Wild West Show that is the ‘24 Hour Tube’, or we will be here all day.
TfL, like fellow gangsters and collaborators Sajid Javid and George Osborne, think about the consumer first, second and last. They have no empathy for workers’ rights and welfare, or compassion for public safety. The TfL Mafia’s mantra is ‘consumer, consumer, consumer’ – ‘money, money, money’.
Taxi and legitimate PH drivers are losing their houses, their families and even their lives, due to TfL's ham-fisted approach to self interested, illegal deregulation.

TfL offer no protection to their license paying customers. In fact TfL have mandated that if something as simple as a card machine fails, their customers must lose work - with no thought whatsoever for their customer's financial predicament.
TfL however, bend over backwards for their partners in crime, Uber. They even coach Uber executives on how to bypass awkward regulations.

The Mayor is about as effective as a chocolate fireguard.
Born in Tooting, he calls himself a Londoner.
No real Londoner would use London as a political steppingstone.
Other than landmark buildings, the three main icons of London are the Black Cab, the Red Bus and the Red Phone Box.
Yet Khan omits the Taxi, in grand Freudian style, from his own 'Mayor's Transport Strategy' manual.
What does the vehicle in the very middle foreground look like? A Prius, maybe?
The Mayor's Transport Strategy - minus Taxis

Uber, without Mafioso help, are not one tenth of the threat to our way of life that TfL are.
Uber might own half the prostituting politicians and all the prostituting media, and possess the money and the moral compass of their Saudi investors.
But they will never own us!
We are the Untouchables!


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