Tuesday, 31 May 2016



Next week most proactive, concerned Taxi drivers will be taking part in a demonstration.
A demonstration called by the United Cabbies Group.
They are calling for the removal of Leon Daniels.

No one believes the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan will see our protest and sack Daniels. It does not happen like that.
Khan will most likely decide he will not be dictated to, on whom he hires and fires, by a bunch of militant cabbies.
But like most protests, it is a statement.

To be honest, Khan will probably be unaware of our or any protest, unless he happens by.
The media no longer cover anything detrimental or damaging to the government.
One hundred and twenty five thousand 'Anti Austerity' marchers protested in London two months back. Not a flicker anywhere about it.
For real news, we have to rely upon foreign media outlets.

Taxi drivers are demonstrating because TfL is a corrupt and inept authority, who are deregulating the Taxi trade by means of starvation.
Leon Daniels has been caught lying to the toothless Greater London Authority on numerous occasions.
What have they done about it?

We Londoners are calling for an independent Public Enquiry.
Daniels is the Sepp Blatter of TfL. Transport for London needs to be cleared out, FIFA style.
How can we ask for a fair crack of the whip, from a man who will do everything in his power to cover up his culpability?
Garrett Emmerson will be just as evasive and opaque.

Unfortunately the spineless trade organisations and unions are more concerned with placating our new Mayor, than serving their members.
Hiding behind weak arguments, they chose not to represent their members on this demo.
This infighting does more harm to our trade than has ever been achieved against our enemies.
What has this trade come to when the members are not asked, but told what to do?
Are members merely cash-cows, whose sole aim is to financially prop up their organisation?
Is it not time you had a say in which direction you take?
Maybe your organisation is relying upon your apathy?
Think long and hard about the fifteen or twenty pounds you pay them every month. What have they achieved so far?
What are they doing, in your name?

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  1. Pro active, yes it is now time,like the article says no one is listening and why should they when they can just brush us aside like any corrupt government or organisation can do knowing that they can get away with it. Politicians have changed even those in the Labour party who claim to represent the working class while getting rich supporting the free market. It was Gordon Brown who once said "I look forward to the new world order " that order is designed to protect corporations and drive down your wages disguised under the free market. Pro active is the only way and if the media will not report then we will have to show them what a force we can be even if the law is broken, I would rather see broken laws than broken men & women who serve a 350 year old traditional trade.