Thursday, 16 June 2016



Dear Mr Farage,
I understand why the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan does not want to publicly acknowledge that Minicab/PH/Uber rape and sexual assault statistics are soaring through the roof in London.
He is openly pro EU, and may find it uncomfortable to explain why, on his watch, he is still allowing this to go unchecked.
What powers Mayor Khan actually has, escapes me.
But unlike Boris the Liar, the Mayor has no allegiance to a Tory government. So he should name and shame the culprits; be it the Department for Transportation, Sajid Javid or whoever stands in the way of reforming Transport for London and proper regulation of the Taxi and PH trade. And stop those accommodating a tax avoiding American company, to the detriment of Londoners and the safety of our guests.

We know the Mayor is failing in his duty to inform the public.
But that duty is also yours and mine.
So what I cannot understand is why you, a Brexit campaigner, who cites the Cologne disgrace, at the drop of any hat, refuses to mention the rape capital of Europe; our very own London.
Do you condone the authorities' silence and disinformation?
Is this not the attitude of the BBC and the authorities of Rochdale?
This is not only happening in London. It is happening all over this God forsaken country?

Are you going to acknowledge that London has become the most dangerous capital city in Europe for lone females, due to a Prime Minister who favours finding employment for the unemployable over the safety of the very public his Government are supposed to serve?
I believe it is time you gave Cologne a rest, and mentioned the rotten state of London.

Kind regards,
Leonard Howard Etheridge.

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