Monday, 30 May 2016



Last week I wrote how my friend Danny Hussey, had to call in the help of his Union, after being told he had to stop working and wait of eighteen weeks for his License, after TfL had cocked up.
Thankfully the RMT stepped in and saved the day.
But he left a TfLTPH Licensing Office full of taxi drivers in the same sinking boat, trying to get their licenses, so they can go to work and look after their families.

Danny had his DBS. In fact he had two years left on his DBS. But was forced to apply and pay again for another one.
Let us not forget, we are Licensed Taxi Drivers; renewing our Bill does not mean we cease to be Taxi drivers. It is just a fee -we still have the Knowledge, passed the advanced driving test, and deemed medically fit.
If any of us got into any serious trouble, the police would have already informed TfL.

Disgraceful letter from TfLTPH

So why are our Orgs/Unions refusing to demo on the 8th June?
Are they pleased with TfL's performance?
Are they so scared of upsetting the new Mayor, that they would sacrifice their members to the corrupt dealings of TfL, in order to ensure they have a place at his table?
Is the Mayor so intolerant and vindictive, that the Orgs/Unions have to cower in his presence?
I listened to a lot of crap about Sadiq Khan during the Mayoral election; none of the lies and criticisms levied against him claimed he was an ogre.

What is your Org or Union doing about the fact that Private Hire are being allowed to work, even when their DBS has not been cleared?
What direct action are they taking?
Do not let them fob you off with news about other stuff they are 'looking into'. They can whistle and ride; ask ... no, demand that they do something about this situation now!

Whilst some of us will be protesting on the 8th June against a tyrannical, anti Taxi regime at Windsor House, our Orgs and Unions will be playing petty tit-for-tat politics with each other, as Rome burns.

If your Org or Union 'told' you not to attend the demo, they are not democratic, but dictatorial.
I will not let an Org or Union decide for me. I am a freethinking adult, who will decide for myself. I am a Taxi driver first and foremost.
You will always have my support. And I will always have your back.


  1. 100% right on all accounts! Im 100% with you.

  2. 100% right on all accounts! Im 100% with you.

  3. How many organisations / unions are there representing the London Taxi trade.
    How many London taxi drivers belong to no Org / Union.
    I have been a taxi driver since 1984, in this time I've witnessed nothing but internal fighting between the Orgs / unions.
    Unless we can achieve unity we will be fighting a losing battle.
    I was once a member of the LTDA, I came many years ago. I now do not belong to any Org or Union,
    What one do I join ?
    There are so many London taxi drivers in the same situation as me.
    I've been on all the demos, I've been to City hall on many occasions and I have donated.
    How can we achieve UNITY.
    I will be there fighting for our future next week.

    1. Madness to demo so early into Sadiqs mayoralty! It will be spun as anti mayor! At least give him a chance?