Friday, 22 September 2017



As some of us thought and all of us hoped, Transport for London (TfL) has rejected Uber's license application, so let us all rejoice.
Rejoice, but do not think this is the end and we can all go back to our little houses on the prairie.
The rape app will gain a license from Wolverhampton or the like. And Uber scabs will still be touting in London.
The double-edged sword named Prius, especially white, will still be a beacon for fans of black marketers. But they will also stick out like a sore thumb to police patrols and CCTV.

We still have the toxic problem of redressing Cross Bordering, caused by Dame Susan Kramer aiding and abetting AddLee to do away with pesky safety regulations.

We also have to educate ministers and lawyers alike, that direct e-hailing is plying for hire. Virtual P4H is actual P4H. An app is no different to a birdwatcher's binoculars.

TfL was unable to do the ungodly and license Uber, because there would have been outrage and condemnation across the political spectrum. It would have triggered the beginning of the end for TfL as a viable regulatory entity.
The time has come for TfL to earn their six figure salaries. The spotlight is shining on them and their inappropriate incestuous relationship with UberLL.

I believe Uber are finished anyway. People are already trickling back to Taxis and legit PH.
New start-ups will hit the transport system. But as we saw with Taxify, they just nick a piece of the market that Uber spent billions on cornering. It will be the same unchecked drivers, same clueless passengers, with a different rape app.

Under Cameron and Osborne's kleptocratic ideology of neoliberal thievery, the good people of Great Britain witnessed cruel unwarranted austerity, where consumerism became a religion, regulation was deemed a hate crime against commercialism, with oligarchs trying to scare us into remaining subservient to an EU dictatorship, and our NHS being starved into submission, so Richard Branson could ride into our depleted and demoralised hospitals and save our sick and sorry arses from dying on a trolley in some forgotten corridor of terminal hopelessness.
These privileged twins of plutocracy not only destroyed whole communities, but in the process, damaged the Tory Party beyond repair. We Brits have long memories, you bastards.

This trade's proactive minority has done great work on behalf of us all, lobbying, positively arguing, and educating the public, the media and politicians about Uber's toxic modus operandi.
Thanks to the time, effort and hard work of those 'active' members in the LCDC, LTDA, UCG, GMB and RMT, whose work behind to scenes goes largely unnoticed. Thanks to every single member of the DDD family who were willing to fight every fight, risking their bill every time they took to the streets.
We, as a trade, are a wounded lion surrounded by a pack of jackals, but I know who my money is on.

I think it is safe to say, there will be a lot of smiling cabbies in London today.
Be lucky.

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