Tuesday, 19 September 2017



The bottom line is why should I be expected to give a toss about an Uber scab?
They are scabs in the same sense that those at Wapping were scabs.

I expect my GMB to fight for my job.
I expect my GMB to bring Uber's horrific rape stats into the public domain. Let us not forget, GMB's legitimate PH members are being tarnished too.

When objecting to Uber's license, I expect my GMB to consider the fact that Uber conspired to hide sexual offences from the police. And to acknowledge that Uber are absolutely unfit to hold an Operators License.
I expect my GMB to publicly acknowledge that, by Uber’s own wilful admission, they are a disruptive start-up company.
I do not expect my GMB to call for Uber to change, whilst still trading. No other company is given this preferential treatment.

The Mayor, the GMB, any MP, the GLA or any Uber apologist cannot claim to be protecting jobs, when excusing the toxicity of Uber.
Uber are destroying an existing workforce. Most Uber drivers work for other PH companies too. Many Uber drivers are part time.
Many Uber drivers are on benefits - therefore our taxes are subsidising Uber's business model.
Supporting Uber, is supporting a Right Wing ideology of exploitation to undermine an existing workforce, and to ultimately drive down wages.

I expect my GMB to put public Health & Safety first and foremost.
The fact that Transport for London (TfL) are allowing over thirteen thousand unchecked strangers to ferry our children, the vulnerable, the elderly, wives and mothers around without a proper Enhanced DBS, is scandalous.

I understand bringing the Uber workers case does hamper Uber's progress. It hits them financially.
This brings significant ramifications to both Uber's VAT case and its Status case in the European Court of Justice.
These cases may hurt Uber, but we must hear loud and clear condemnation about the assaults and road traffic accidents. People matter!

I would love to see Uber lose their London license; mainly because it will send a negative Uber message around the world.
But in reality, Uber will still be here, London license or not.

I would love to see Uber die of starvation.
But that is not going to happen, is it.

The reality of the situation is; we cannot kill Uber!
But we can fight TfL tooth and nail to make them follow their legal requirements.
At the moment, existing legislation and regulation is already in place to make Uber toe the line and become no more than a money haemorrhaging, poor-man's AddLee.
TfL are failing dismally to police Uber.
What we demand is for TfL to do their job, and enforce regulation in a fair and even manner.
Without TfL, Uber are dead in the water.

TfL's new Operators License Fee is a glaringly obvious attempt to extort money and smash small operators.
TfL's bias in favour of everything Uber, is sickeningly real.
Our fight is with TfL.
I expect my GMB to be part of this fight.

If Mayor Khan and TfL are not willing to listen to any member of the Greater London Authority (GLA), who voted unanimously to dismiss Uber's application for a license, there must be something wrong.
And a difficult, but undeniably pertinent question would be left begging; what is the point of the GLA?

Sadiq Khan and TfL's upper management continually refuse to acknowledge the Metropolitan Police's recommendations about Uber, or even consider their advice that Uber is a danger to the public.
Maybe Khan should disband the Met and employ his own private army of Compliance Officers to police the streets of London, and mop up after Uber's carnage.

Freedom is never given - it is only ever won.


  1. Brilliant piece, outlining the cold hard facts of this totally of of control situation.

  2. A great piece, straight to the point, hard facts and no waffle. Well done.