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There cannot be one Licensed London Taxi driver who feels that Uber and their junior partners, HM Government, are not pulling out all the stops to crush the Licensed Taxi Trade.

The Grim Reaper

The Tory Party have openly promoted, lobbied and even distributed flyers for their American bosses.

The Prime Minister's hubby, Philip May brokered a deal between his wife's bosses and the Saudis.

When Uber's silent partners, TfL decided they had to save their own skins by appearing to chastise Uber for its multitude of transgressions, they knew the facade was only temporary.
TfL could have, should have revoked Uber's license.

During the Prime Minister's cabinet reshuffle, Uber have appointed their favourite flag bearer Jo Johnson, as Minister of State at the Department for Transport and Minister for London.

Brothers Grimm news for the Taxi trade

If ever there was a time for Taxi drivers to scream blue murder from the rooftops, it is now!

If Uber win their appeal, the trade will not survive. There are other ride sharing companies waiting in the wings.
We would be engulfed by a tsunami of unregulated transport companies, with unemployable slaves stealing our livelihood and destroying our way of life.

Last year Uber were worth $70bn.
This year Uber are worth $45bn.

Uber's rape stats are up. Their crash stats are up. Their fraud stats are up. Their value is down.

Uber knows if they win London, they win the world.

Taxi drivers begin a week of protests, on Monday 15th January 2018.

  • TfL currently allow an unlicensed and unfit Operator to flout the law

  • TfL currently allow 13,000 PH drivers to work without DBS checks

  • TfL currently allow PH drivers to work without medical certificates

  • TfL currently allow PH drivers to illegally accept direct bookings

  • TfL currently license PH drivers whose license has been revoked elsewhere

  • TfL colluded with an unfit Operator during a police investigation

  • TfL conspired with an unfit Operator to streamline PH applications

  • TfL refused to initiate checks on an unfit Operator for 5 years

  • TfL assisted an unfit Operator to illegally circumnavigate regulations

  • TfL lied to the GLA about PH on/off insurance

  • TfL lied to the GLA about checking unfit Operator's modus operandi

  • TfL lied to the GLA about an unfit Operator's nonexistent contact number

  • TfL has caused mental, physical and financial stress to legitimate Taxi drivers

Do not think that defeating Uber into regulation is the end of our fight.
TfL pushed us under a bus. We survived - but we have not emerged unscathed.
We intend to make TfL pay.

If the Taxi trade can show drivers disgust at the way their Government and Regulator are treating them, someone will sit up and take notice.

I have heard all the excuses why certain drivers will not attend. Some openly admit they will work whilst their colleagues protest.

I have heard "It'll do no good. Uber are too powerful."
Really? How do you think TfL were forced to refuse their boss's license?
It wasn't by carrying on regardless.

I have heard "All the last demo I attended did, was promote Uber and alienate the public."
Really? How do you think we forced the rape stats into the media?
It wasn't by carrying on regardless.

I have heard "We'll lose the public by pissing them off."
Really? Which public is that? Those who threw us overboard years ago? Or those stuck on buses?
Unfortunately we must disrupt the status quo to effect change.
Unless we shout from those aforementioned roof tops, how else are we going to get the authorities to listen?
It won't be by carrying on regardless.

I have heard "What good has a demo done?"
How do you think we got the rape stats beyond Shawcross and Chapman and into mainstream media?
It wasn't by carrying on regardless. It was by protest.
Now everyone knows how dangerous Uber is.

If you don’t wish to protest, then don't. No need to make up excuses.
You won't be missed. You never were.

There are plenty of us who are prepared to stand and fight!
This is the beginning of the end for deregulation.
To the victor, the spoils.

Transport for London started this.
We will finish it!

See you there.

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  1. We will be there with you, as always, and definitely won't be carrying on regardless!