Tuesday, 19 December 2017



The day the few proactive members of this trade brought down Uber, the DDD and their likeminded friends went out and celebrated in the Prince of Wales.

United we stand - Taxi drivers who are prepared to fight.

But UberExit has gone sour. The exact same way Brexit has.
The victors have been royally screwed.

The refusal by TfL (Transport for London) to issue Uber a license, is no more than a ruse.
A ruse to cover up the fact that Uber conspired with TfL to destroy their competition; the Taxi and Private Hire industry.

Sadiq Khan is a holographic metaphor of a London Mayor.
If he isn't taking selfies with every living person on the planet (bar Trump of course), he's promising affordable housing to millionaires.
Khan is very good at shutting down police stations, but has no appetite for taking on huge companies – who continue to walk all over him.

"All right, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up."

It is now considered that Khan is a worse mayor than the infamous Boris Johnson.
At least Boris spoke out against Uber. That is until he was bought-out and reined-in by Uber flunkies; Cameron, Osborne and Javid.

"Politics and crime, they are the same thing."

The only time you will hear Khan utter the 'U' word, is in reply to Caroline Pidgeon or David Kurten during Mayor's Questions.

Sadiq Khan and TfL stand by and allow Uber to fleece Londoners and visitors to London every single day.
Hundreds of thousands of Uber passengers are being ripped off via surge pricing.
Uber drivers are scamming thousands of Uber customers daily, by purposefully cancelling a job and collecting the five pound 'scrub' fee.
Why do Khan and TfL allow this to continue?
Because we don't matter, and they don't care.

The Conservative Party has nailed its colours to Uber's mast.
Not only has most Tory MP's lobbied in favour of Uber. The Party itself campaigned for this criminally complicit company to be relicensed.
The Tories even went on to compound their obvious admission of wholesale bribery, by having leaflets printed up to plead Uber's defence.
Was it Theresa or Dara who paid for those flyers?

Wes Streeting MP has campaigned on behalf of all Taxi and Private Hire drivers, who have been unwitting victims of a TfL and Uber attempted takeover.
Tom Watson MP has shown great concern and interest in Uber's illegal coup d'etat.
Unfortunately our unions have been slow in coming to our rescue.
Is it because Taxi and PH branches are too small?
Or is it because London has a Labour Mayor, and the unions cannot find a compromise between taking down TfL and embarrassing our ineffectual mayor?
Sadiq Khan’s apathy is ultimately losing votes by the ton for Labour in London.

Oil and water - Khan is a die hard Blairite.

Uber's new CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi, apologised to TfL’s Mike Brown, and vicariously to Khan, for all the rapes and sexual assaults, for all the thievery, for the refusal to help police with a sexual assault inquiry culminating in the Uber driver reoffending, for the hacking of customer accounts, for the attempted deformation of a rape victim's character, for all of Uber's institutionalised sexual discrimination and lechery, for Greyball, for all of Uber's bribery and corruption, internet theft and industrial espionage, for hacking their own drivers' phones, for their fake insurance certificates, for the fraudulent DBS background checks, for the bogus medical tests, he was even kind enough to apologised for Uber terrorists and murderers.
Brown and Khan feel that the hands on confession by such an important and influential man, is enough for them to reconsider Uber's Operator's License application.

Dara Khosrowshahi and the beatification of Uber.

It is a shame that our very own Sean Stockings wasn't as important or as influential as Uber's 'born again' CEO. If he was, he might have been allowed to work whilst his appeal was being considered.

Mike Brown - Commissioner of Transport for London.

Uber are allowed to continue unlicensed for as many years as it takes for them to 'Masada' the Taxi trade.
Mind you, Uber didn't film TfL staff - including Leon Daniels and Mike Brown, eating in a public place, whilst doorstepping them on issues such as the Croydon tram crash - as Sean Stockings did.
I recently read the victims and their families are still awaiting compensation, over a year on.

Sean has been denied his human right to work, by Mike Brown.
And Leon Daniels, incensed that Sean might win his appeal, has logged another statement and complaint. Daniels is insistent that Stockings will never drive a Taxi ever again.

Leon Daniels - Managing Director, Surface Transport.

No I didn't forget Uber's Hackgate.
And neither did Dara. He decided to keep that information from Brown and Khan. Much the same way he kept it from the FBI and the fifty seven million Uber customers and drivers who were victims of this crime.
So much for contrition, hey?

The real enemy of Licensed London Taxi drivers and legitimate Private Hire drivers, is TfL.
TfL are guilty of misfeasance in public office, and corruption.
TfL licensed Uber in 2012, knowing that the app transgressed all TPH regulation.
In laymen's terms, the app facilitated the act of putting the potential passenger in direct contact with the prospective driver, bypassing the Operator.
No Uber PH driver possesses an Operator's License.
Therefore TfL and Uber not only facilitated a crime, but they profited from it too.

The Licensed London Taxi trade has a strong case against TfL for misfeasance and grave malfeasance.
Uber have admitted on oath and in public that their app puts the passenger in direct contact with the driver.
TfL have lied to the GLA; using made up terms to try and qualify their illegal decision to license Uber.
It is not about instant hail or nano pre-bookings - time is irrelevant.
The order in which the process is administered, is the key factor - Uber back-fills, after the event.

TfL's mafioso ethics are closely related to Sepp Blatter's FIFA.

TfL cannot plead ignorance.
Ignorance is not a defence.
TfL are our government appointed regulator.
TfL not only colluded in this illegality. They actively changed regulations to fit Uber's work model.
TfL and Uber really are partners in every sense.

Our unions seem reticent about their lack of will to do anything proactive against TfL.
And our Orgs do not have the muscle.

We can propose a Judicial Review and cite ourselves an "interested party". But as our flaccid mayor pointed out, Uber could drag this appeal out for another four years, and still carry on regardless.

Most proactive individuals in this fine trade see our path as an obvious one.
We need to take out a Group Litigation (Class Action).
It is not difficult to prove TfL's collusion. Uber have done most of our work for us.
Compensation can be across the board.
TfL are guilty. The trade should seek recompense.

Drivers have suffered a huge drop in available work, due to TfL's illegal policy.
To overcome a complete loss of income, drivers have been forced to endure physical and mental torture by having to work slavish and ungodly hours to make ends meet.
Drivers have also suffered emotional stress, caused by TfL's inaction to regulate correctly and their conspiracy to decimate our trade.

The Taxi trade must claim for damages and remuneration, as a 'Group Litigation'.
TfLTPH's misfeasance, and malfeasance by some individuals at TfL, has cost drivers money, their mental health, their marriages, their homes, and even their lives.
It doesn't matter which union a driver belongs to or what organisation they're affiliated to.
TfL either pays us out or pays us off.



  1. Great work by the LTDA & the resources provided by their "10,000 sleeping members".

  2. Agreed.
    The other trade orgs have made much noise, but little substance

  3. nor Johnson's capitulation over the PH regs review when he decided his own political career was far more important. Who was Mayor when we were excluded from the Olympic lanes? But at least Khan is the enemy.Anyone still got their Cabbies for Boris receipts? How did that go for you?

  4. my comment about Johnson calling us Luddites seems to have vanished