Friday, 10 March 2017



I have heard rumblings that some people do not agree with Sean Driving Abaht, aka Sean Stockings. Some people do not like the LCDC. Some people do not like Grant Davis. It seems there are quite a few cliquey people about in this trade.

To be honest, personally, and I believe I am speaking on behalf of the entire DDD when I say; we do not have to like a Taxi driver or Org to stand up for them or their rights.
How much do you have to not like someone, to allow them to lose their license or their home? Have their house repossessed. Get divorced due to pressures brought on by a bullying company. And forced into part time parenthood. How much must you dislike someone, to wish that upon them?
I don't care if they are a member of the LCDC, the LTDA, Unite, the RMT or the UCG. I really do not care which Org or Union they belong to, if any.
What I do care about is if any Green or Yellow badge Licensed London Taxi Driver gets hounded by a band of dodgy characters in TfL. Dodgy characters who are trying to hang them out to dry, and take their livelihood from them for exercising their freedom of speech.

Reams of people retweeted and enjoyed the video, Sean filmed. Even those who did not agree with it, must have liked seeing the architects of our demise look so uncomfortable for a few precious seconds, I know I did.
Everyone should have the freedom to say what they like on Twitter, unless it is overtly bigoted or harmful.
If Leon Daniels has got a problem with Sean Stocking, then he should take him to court, siting libel.
Let Daniels pay out of his own bulging pocket, not TfL's pocket, not the taxpayer's pocket, not the fare payer's pockets. Let him pay out of his own pocket if he does not like it, or thinks what is being said is wrong.

Bare in mind this is about a Taxi driver. Forget the name. Forget the Org. He is a Taxi driver. Remember this; it could be me or you.
If you do not stand up for an individual Taxi driver, who is getting his livelihood taken away from him for something as mundane as speaking up or speaking out, then you need your head examined.
We are not standing up for a murderer, or a kiddie fiddler. We are standing up for someone who may have been rude, or obtuse or even irreverent. None of which makes him an unfit or improper person.
I do not care who it is. If Steve McNamara still had his badge, and was being railroaded by our common enemy TfL, I would stand shoulder to shoulder with him and fight.

If you have a badge, you have earned it. Do not let TfL take it because they do not like you, or what you say!
If TfL are successful, that will set a disgraceful, Orwellian precedent.

Anyone who hides behind some made up insipid excuse not to support Sean in his fight against this tyrannical regime, is a worthless and pointless wast of space.
And any leader of any Org or Union who would stand motionless and allow a fellow Taxi driver lose his bill, should be stripped of their leadership - for they do not deserve such a fraudulent title.
Are they on the side of TfL? Or are they on the side of the Taxi driver?
We have drawn a line in the sand. Do not step over it and join the enemy. Stand with us!
Join us and stop TfL crossing it!


  1. What Sean did was unprofessional.
    I don't know if he apologised, he should have done.
    I don't know if Daniels gave him the opportunity to apologise, he should have done.
    Daniels should have placed the matter in the hands of the police. Let them decide if there is anything to answer for.
    What Daniels has done, in my opinion, is an abuse of power.
    This can not be tolerated.
    Not by us, as individuals.
    Not by the trade organisations.
    Not by TFL itself.

    1. The police found Sean had no case to answer.
      Twitter found no abuse.
      TfL revoked Sean's license, not because of the video, but because he Tweeted it again, when warned not to.

  2. There's an easy way to sort this out. Every cab driver hand in their badge and keep working. Break the rules like the other mob does

  3. I don't know Sean
    I only know him via twitter, and I'm sure that's the the same for most of us.
    Now imagine you'd never heard of him, or that you'd not seen or heard of the video.
    You've heard on the rank that someone who has filmed Leon Daniels (some of you won't know that name either) in a social setting and put it on twitter. The same person post tweets asking TfL what they are doing about PH ranking on st Pancras, showing of few PH crashes and generally showing the chaos that London has become over the last few years.
    Most of us would say good on him.
    His licence got revoked, not a slap on the wrist suspension, but revoked, his badge has gone forever!!!
    Now because we as a trade need to stand behind this man, AS A TRADE, I'll say that again just in case you didn't get it AS A TRADE put your lanyard in the draw for a while and stand up with this man. As I said I don't know him he could be a total prat, but if TfL can revoke a license for this, what's next. We've all got many questions of our 'regulators' but how many of us have got the backbone or the enthusiasm to ask them, especially now!!! Please get behind this fellow driver.