Monday, 28 November 2016



Some of us have been to 'that place' and back. And some sadly never made the journey home.
I am fully aware of the pressures some drivers are under. I remember only too well, in fact.
I am determined this will not happen to any driver on my watch!
Young drivers with mortgages/rent, cab rent/HP, young children, wolves knocking at the door, with no hope and no sight of an end to it, haunts me still.
I will not stand idly by while girls are being attacked and raped, because of deregulation, via greed.
I will not stand idly by and watch the destruction of my fellow driver, because of deregulation, via greed.

Christmas is an emotional time of year. The Samaratans claim it to be their busiest period.
Work as hard as you can. See Christmas through. Remember, those who love you need you more than they will ever need anything else.
Those of us with responsibilities will have to carry our burden with a smile, for the sake of our loved ones. Give them a wonderful Christmas. During Christmas, take note of the people around you, they are what count, not material things.
You are a team, one unit, you and your family will gain strength from each other.
I sincerely hope you enjoy Christmas.
Amid all the chaos of Christmas Day, take time to live in the 'now'. Enjoy the present, even if it is a fleeting moment before the chaos begins again. This is real life. A life worth fighting for. A life worth saving.

For those drivers on their own, I know this is a difficult time. I know it hurts.
Sadness can overwhelm us to the point of destruction. Yes we cry, and those of us who are broken cry at the drop of a hat - this is natural.
We can all get through this together. If you know me, or know what I look like, stop me for a chat. We can turn all that is negative into positive, I promise you.

In the New Year, we will be bringing the fight to them.
Even if you feel Shawcross and Khan will do the right thing, we need to aid them, by bringing attention to our plight.
Demos cost those who would see us deregulated.
Get the message out there to every cab driver. For some of our colleagues, this is literally a fight for our lives.
We will shame all who caused this, all who refuse to help, and all who fail to take up arms and protest.

We will fight this tooth and nail!
We will leave no one behind!
We will win!

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