Saturday, 8 October 2016



Whilst Uber cry crocodile tears for the media, complaining that Sadiq Khan is making it impossible for their drivers to meet the financial requirements needed to become successful Private Hire applicants. And whilst the Taxi Orgs are accepting every empty promise emerging from the Bullshit Mayor's mouth to be gospel.

Think on this; who is really going to be priced out of the market?

We have a £60,000 taxicab being forced upon us in just over a year's time.
Thanks to an LTDA-TfL initiative, the Taxi Trade will be taking a hit of up to 5% on every Credit Card transaction.
Talks of a decrease of Rate 4 or Rate 3 are actually being tabled.
And we are supposed to be breathing a sigh of relief because some part-time Uber drivers might be forced to dish out one off payments of hundreds of pounds for English and Driving tests?

The Bullshit Mayor promised access to more bus lanes.
So far we have had access to the London Bridge bus lane reneged upon.
Have you seen the proposed bus lane package? 20 bus lanes being made accessible? Like the two in Kidbrooke Park Road? They are not bus lanes. They are width restrictions, that buses are allowed to go around.
Taxis do not need to go around width restrictions, we are advanced drivers.
We need access to places like Tottenham Court Road, not chicanes!

The Bullshit Mayor spouts on about "Improving engagement with TfL." TfL will not release our FOI request.
They refuse to get back to Taxi Organisations.
TfL email addresses and Twitter accounts are for show only.

The Bullshit Mayor vomits crap like "New initiatives for the trade." New? I was taking credit cards twenty years ago!
We have been issued stickers to place on and in our cabs, purporting we 'now' accept credit cards.
I am a staunch believer in the freedom of choice.
Although I agree every taxi should have the facility to accept card payments; I believe it is illegal for TfL to demand that a driver must relinquish his or her right to refuse to give credit on every occasion.
TfL and the Bullshit Mayor care less about the safety of Taxi drivers, than they do about the Public. And we know they do not give a rat's arse about Public Safety.
The same mob who send vulnerable travellers into Private Hire cars driven by unvetted drivers, are forcing vulnerable Taxi drivers into the back of their cabs with unvetted passengers.
Rear mounted card machines are a danger. No driver, male or female, should be forced to choose between waiving the fare or being compromised in the back of a taxi.

The Bullshit Mayor promised proper demarcation between Taxi Cabs and Private Hire minicars.
Within days TfL allow AddLee to use the term Taxi for their app.

So you think the Mayor will protect the two-tier system?
Meanwhile 600 new PH drivers are hitting our roads every week, without proper vetting.

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