Saturday, 3 September 2016



Dads Defending Daughters understand it is nigh on impossible for Orgs to circumnavigate the Met, and get a decent series of demos going.

The ITA 'No more' campaign is a demand for the return of Taxi identity.
Taxis do not want to be associated with corruption and rape.
TfL are not fit for purpose.
TfL have failed London.

There has to be groups like the ITA, unfortunate as that may seem, to get things done.
Otherwise we feel shipwrecked, powerlessly floating toward oblivion.
Maybe the right group, can 'aid' the Orgs with their furious battle against the tide?

Groups like the ITA, DDD, MM and Save Taxis are needed to appease frustrated proactive cabbies.
Drivers need to know something is being done.
The LCDC, UCG and RMT are working hard behind the scenes.
The LTDA are working hard behind our backs.
Unite the Union seem to have no problem with TfL's performance at all.
And as far as Demos go, they need to be called by the likes of the DDD or the ITA.
And they need supporting, by Taxi drivers like you.

Remember these groups get nothing out of it, dipping into their own pockets and losing plenty of work hours, except the feeling that they are actually 'doing' something.

Unfortunately, although most journalists seem to be on our side, the news proprietors are not.
The media has been bought and sold.
We must cause disruption, in order to get noticed.
If we play by their rules, they will always win.
As for disrupting the hard working Londoner; public opinion carries only so much weight.
Ask the miners, or the printers, or the firemen risking their lives for us, if they felt public opinion held any sway.
Most of what we 'know' is manufactured by the bought and paid for press.

I hear drivers say things like, "Demos don't work." No, they won't unless you get up off your apathetic arse and join one!
Or excuses like, "I've done my bit." What? Are you retired now? This is not relay race. This is a race to the finish!
Recently a driver asked, "Tell me one thing a demo has achieved." The Poll Tax demo – it also brought down the Government.

The ITA is going to do a flyer and bill posting campaign to inform drivers and the public.
On many demos, less than one percent of passers-by stop to ask, "What's this about?"
The DDD use placards and banners to get their message across.
Banners and placards inform 'every' passer-by; except Uber drivers - they no understand.
I was on a demo a year or two ago, where we told every media outlet who would listen, it was about Transport for London being unfit for purpose.
The press propaganda machine told everyone the protest was about competition from Uber.
Flyers, posters, placards and banners, get filmed and photographed.
We just have to keep chipping away, like Andy Dufresne.
Never giving up, never giving in.

We will be on the mass ply-for-hire, on 3 October.
We hope to see you there too.
The Licensed London Taxi - the hub of London


  1. A whole load of common sense spoken here and which needs more recognition from the thousands of Luddite cab drivers sitting on their fat arses doing sod all while the proactive few do everything for them.
    Unfortunately I doubt many of those lazy bastards will take much notice of what's happening around them, but there are enough of us to have a massive effect with what's coming.
    Mark my words. We will win DESPITE the naysayers!
    I'm fully behind DDD, MM, ITA, Action for cabbies and everyone else who are making the effort!

  2. TFL the GOVERNMENT etc are all bullies, the only thing they understand is FORCE.Together we are a FORCE to be reckoned with.