Saturday, 23 July 2016



In 1897 the Blackwall Tunnel opened, and the first conviction for 'drink driving' was given, to London Taxi driver George Smith.

21 years later we emerged victorious from the muck'n'bullets, to a promise-land fit for heroes.

21 years later the Bosch are at it again.
We bravely fight to free Europe from tyranny and again emerge victorious from the rubble.

21 years later the Germans are having another go.
This time in the World Cup - as Victory is ours once again.

21 years later I become a homeowner, after earning my Green Badge the previous year.

21 years later Boris Johnson becomes Mayor of London, and destroys all we have fought and worked for.

21 years time I shall be 80, and Londoners will be asking, 'Why did those in high office appease Uber to such an extent, they allowed a plague of unknown, unqualified drivers to wreak havoc on the streets of London?'

21 years is too long to wait for the truth to emerge. Act now!

Be lucky.

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