Tuesday, 8 March 2016


Riding roughshod over the welfare of our wives, daughters, sisters and mothers, to keep his friends cosy.
The extent of minicab/Uber rape and sexual assault is being kept from the public, by TfL and a news blackout by (most) media groups.
We feel the biggest crime in Cameron’s edict to Boris, “Leave Uber alone.”, is the threat to the public at large from unregulated PH.
These unctuous lobbyists and MPs promoting Uber, clearly regard a few quid above the safety of the public.
They do not care about us. They never have.

We wish to highlight the fact that the population in London is accelerating, whilst this Government cuts services. Minicabs have swelled to 100,000.

600 new PH licenses are being issued by TfL every week.
London’s roads are congested with an extra 40,000 minicabs in the past eighteen months. Every street and road is a construction site. Pollution and congestion is out of control. TfL and Boris Johnson have totally failed London; neither are fit for purpose.

Uber cannot possibly compete with Taxis. They are more of a financial threat to PH, than us.

So in order to compete with Taxis, Uber must flood the market, to be able to offer a Londonwide coverage with an Uber around every corner – hence the thousands of extra cars on the road and Uber drivers outnumbering the demand.
I would suggest that congestion has more of a detrimental effect to my job, than Uber can ever hope to achieve.
The crux of the matter is although legislation and cab law is already in place, it is not implemented.
If TfL were allowed to do their job as regulator, without interference from Cameron and Osborne, Uber would just be another Private Hire company, like Addison Lee or Green Tomatoes.
But because Uber are allowed carte blanche, and not have to abide by the rigorous background checks, correct hire and reward insurance, medical check ups, and every other expensive hoop Taxi drivers have to jump through, they can minimise their expenditure and maximise their profit. All at the expense of London’s public safety.

How can TfL do a background check on someone who has only lived here for six months?

The onus should be upon the PH applicant to ‘prove’ his/her fitness. If they cannot, then they should not be given the benefit of the doubt, when public safety is at risk.
Would this same system apply to applicants seeking a position of caring for vulnerable people or young children?

We will make public all those who lobby and support Uber and deregulation, putting money before public safety. Rape and Sexual Assault will become synonymous with their name and company they work for.

We are men of straw. We want little and need less.


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